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Coastal development

The activities conducted in the Bothnian Bay Coastal Inter-Municipal Cooperation aims to make the coastal and archipelago area accessible to residents and visitors. This is done, among other things, through the following measures:

Sustainable development

Ecological sustainability: It is important that the efforts that are to be made within the Bothnian Bay coastal inter-municipal cooperation take into account the ecosystems and the natural values that exist in the coast and archipelago. Preventing wear and tear, littering and sanitary nuisances, facilitating a more sustainable boating life and making efforts that do not destroy the preservation of important spawning and rearing areas for fish, for example, are examples of what may come into play.

Social sustainability: The coast and archipelago of the Bothnian Bay are there for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and economic or physical conditions. Visiting destinations are adapted to accessibility, information about what is in the archipelago is available in several languages and people who do not have the financial means to own a boat or cottage in the archipelago can take the tour boat out to the municipal rental cottages.

Economic sustainability: An important part of the Bothnian Bay coastal inter-municipal cooperation is to create conditions for enterprises. The tourit industry benefits from improved mooring opportunities and that rental cottages and various forms of leisure activities create a demand to get out into the archipelago.

Service and infrastructure

To make destinations along the coast and in the archipelago more accessible to different target groups of visitors, the Bothnian Bay coastal cooperation invests in infrastructure such as jetties in popular places, saunas open to the public and barbecue areas at popular destinations for active outdoor life.

Work to remedy for increased accessibility for people with reduced mobility, aims for more people to be able to enjoy our beautiful coast and archipelago. Widening of ramps and installation of ramps and accessibility-adapted saunas and toilets are examples of measures for increased accessibility. Read about what has been done under the Cooperation tab.

Information about coast and archipelago

Information about the coast and the archipelago is important in order to create an accessible area for both residents in the municipalities as well as for visitors. Within the framework of the Bothnian Bay coastal cooperation, the municipalities work with informations signs, partly with overall information about the area and partly site-specific information that gives visitors more knowledge about different places and places to visit.

An archipelago guide has been produced to give visitors an overview of great places to visit and the range of activities in the area. The folder is available in Swedish and English and can be picked up at the area's tourist centers. It can also be found at www.bottenviken.se.

Knowledge of archipelago issues

The Bothnian Bay Coastal cooperation works to raise and shed light on various current issues and thereby increase knowledge about related issues in the coast and archipelago. Information meetings and classes have organized, for example, a theme day about dredging and a Ship Officer class 8 class. Study days are regularly arranged with a focus on increased knowledge of the coast and archipelago for the area's tourist centers.

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