Places to visit

The Bothninan Bay archipelago is unique!

It is the world's northernmost brackish water archipelago, the country's most densely populated labyrinth and offers bright summer nights, magical northern lights and many opportunities for leisure and relaxation. We are happy to tell you about everything that is nice! We do this partly via Facebook - Bottenvikens skärgård where we make posts about our work and other things of interest related to the coast and sea.

In our archipelago guide - Your guide to 100 gems in the Bothnian Bay (SWE) - we tell about the coast and archipelago of the Bothnian Bay, its nature and culture, and give tips on different places to visit in the coast and archipelago. We hope it will provide more knowledge about our unique area and inspire visitors. The guide is also available for download at The archipelago guide is also available in printed format to pick up at, for example, the municipalities' tourist centers. The guide is also available in an English version - Your guide to 100 gems in the Bothnian Bay (ENG).

For those of you who visit the Haparanda archipelago, we have made one excursion map of the Haparanda archipelago which we hope attracts to excursions. We have also worked to make it easier for more people to visit the archipelago by adapting accessibility to a number of places to visit. Pictures and descriptions of what has been done are compiled in a report.

We also collaborate with the website which contains an enormous amount of information about the area. Here you will find detailed descriptions of places and activities in the coast and archipelago.