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Bothnian Bay Coastal Inter-Municipal cooperation

Inter-municipal cooperation for those who live, visit and work at the coast and in the archipelago

The coast and archipelago of the Bothinan Bay is fantastic!

The Bothnian Bay coastal inter-municipal cooperation is a collaboration that extends across both municipal and county boundaries and includes Haparanda, Kalix, Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå municipalities. The collaboration was initiated by the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, which together with the five municipalities, Region Västerbotten and Swedish Lapland laid the foundation for a development of the area.

Based on common municipal resources and goals, we develop the coast and archipelago in aim to create opportunities for outdoor life and unique experiences. Working together creates many synergy effects and coordination gains. To date completed work during 2006-2019 has been described in a report.

Since 2014, the collaboration has been organized on the basis of a collaboration agreement between the municipalities. A common strategy is the starting point for the work where the first strategy was adopted in 2008 and revised in 2014. Since 2021, the work is based on a strategy that applies until 2030.

A strategy for coastal development 2021-2030

Strategy, The Bothnian Bay archipelago 2021-2030 - inter-municipal cooperation for those who live, visit and work in the coast and archipelago, consists of a strategy document which describes vision and goals as well as a supporting document which goes deeper into the various issues relating to the development of the coast and archipelago of the Bothnian Bay.

According to the strategy, the municipalities' joint efforts in the coast and archipelago will be built on the basis of a vision of "an accessible and attractive coast and archipelago that is developed and used sustainably in the long term based on its unique natural and cultural values ”. The vision is broken down into three focus areas: Sustainable, Available and Attractive which in turn consists of three goals each, which are the starting point for the implementation of the activities in the Bothninan Bay Coastal Inter-municipal cooperation.

The strategy has been developed in dialogue with concerned representatives in the area and was decided on by all five municipalities during spring of 2021.

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